Hygiene matters let’s get it right!

As one of Yorkshire’s premier hygiene experts with more than three decades of experience, nobody understands better than us the challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis – and nobody is better placed to help you protect your business from its potentially devastating impact.
Sourcing all the bug-battling kit, from PPE (personal protective equipment) to germ-killing chemicals and everyday hand wash, has been one of the biggest headaches for businesses dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath. Perhaps the situation has left you concerned or confused about implementing the required changes to ways of working, enabling your employees to return to work and getting your business back up and running?
While the experience of this pandemic has brought out the best in many people, it has also led to some unscrupulous practices going on, like firms selling things like hand sanitiser and protective equipment that isn’t of a high enough standard, and at an inflated price. Some are offering to carry out risk assessments for organisations at very high rates, which they will pay because they are frightened of falling foul of regulations.
We want you to know that our advice, as a respected and highly experienced local company, is available at no cost whatsoever. The goods we source also meet the most stringent standards, even as far as the environmental rating of the chemicals we provide. So there is no reason to add to your woes at this difficult time.

  • You are unsure how to manage post-lockdown hygiene on your premises
  • You are struggling to source PPE
  • Getting hold of hand sanitiser and appropriate cleaning kit is proving impossible
  • You don’t have any social distancing signage to guide your staff
Elliott Hygiene Evans Spray bottle

Throughout the pandemic, our capable team have pulled out all the stops to continue supporting our clients on the frontline. Thanks to our services, a large number of local organisations have already resumed – in some cases adapted – operations, including farm shops, restaurants and larger food outlets, as well as schools, care providers, factories and Hull City Council.
Working with our long-established supply chains, we are able to access protective masks, visors, gloves, aprons, hand sanitisers and high-strength virucidal cleaners, to allow firms to get back to business and service providers to be able to carry out their essential work safely.
What’s more, as well as specialising in hygiene management, we also cover packaging and catering supplies for food and non-food businesses, including those having to pivot and operate in new ways as a result of the crisis, and we guarantee to save you time and money in all these areas.
If you’d like some help to ensure you stay on the right side of the regulations, and keep your workforce and customers safe, contact us now by calling 01482 327580 or emailing enquiries@elliotthygiene.com

How we can help you

  • Expert team with decades of knowledge
  • Providing robust hygiene strategies that evolve with your organisation
  • Holistic approach to hygiene management
  • Able to source top quality PPE products at cost-effective prices
  • Packaging and catering specialists
  • Focus on environmentally friendly goods
  • Long experience in working with large, complex organisations
  • At your side from concept through to completion
  • Everything you need to operate safely and professionally – from work wear to catering and cleaning equipment
  • Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver a solution

Our Services

Elliott Hygiene Hygiene strategy and management

Hygiene strategy and management

We review everything from your kitchen design to your cleaning rotas, making sure they are as cost and time efficient as possible, as well as keeping you compliant with ever-more-demanding rules and regulations.

Elliott Hygiene Hygiene and catering equipment

Hygiene and catering equipment

We have an extensive network of suppliers and we are part of the Socius supply network. This means that we can provide you with an extensive choice spanning thousands of high-quality, cost-effective products.

Elliott Hygiene Eco-friendly Packaging


With a creative and innovative approach, we can take your brief and turn that into solutions which help your brand stand out, as well as protecting your product appropriately for maximum customer satisfaction and safety.