Christmas is coming! – Part 1

In a year that’s felt a little glum, to say the least, the dazzling charm of Christmas is keeping many people’s spirits high right now. 

The holiday season promises to encourage feelings of cheer, love, and goodwill, with traditions such as preparing Christmas pudding, wrapping gifts, and decorating the Christmas tree just around the corner. Which, let’s face it, we could all use a bit more of this year! 

Christmas is the busiest time of year for many hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues, as it can often be their most significant revenue period.  

When it comes to Christmas, however, as a hospitality business owner, you must spend money in order to make money; guests and diners, like window shoppers, can be persuaded to enter or book with an establishment that engages in seasonal festivities.  

If you have a large work force, they can benefit as well, finding enjoyment during what can be a stressful time of year, and these positive vibes can be transmitted to potential customers and guests, making them feel like they’re a part of the experience. 

According to market research, when a hotel or restaurant spends more money on Christmas decorations, 59 per cent of their customers are more likely to spend not only more time, but also more money at that establishment.  

Customers are also more inclined to visit a venue that is festively decorated than one that hasn’t gone to the trouble. In a market survey, 15 per cent of respondents said they would not visit a venue if it didn’t bother with Christmas decorations at all. 

We understand that getting ready for the festive period can be stressful, and that’s why we have put together this two-part guide to help demystify the process and provide you with a starting point. We’ve included a range of practical hints and a taste of what we have to offer, based on our own extensive experience and the kinds of details our customers typically miss, to help you get it right. 

Plan ahead 

In order to be prepared for this wonderful time of year, it is crucial that you start planning early.  

If your venue is hosting events over Christmas then there are many different moving parts to be considered, such as staffing, stock and décor.  

At Elliott’s we can aid you in planning the most beautiful Christmas table display, with our recommended products that you will be able to use year-on-year to bring your customers back.  

It’s time now to start thinking about what you’ll do- will you display Christmas-themed chargers? Glassware? Napkins? The possibilities are endless, but the more effort you put in and the more festive you inspire your customers to feel, the more spending you’ll be able to elicit, – after all, everyone knows Christmas is a spending frenzy.  

You might think it’s too early to be buying or even thinking about these products, but keep in mind that your competition will be doing the same thing, and decorative table items are sure to sell out quickly, so plan before and you’ll avoid a stressful buying spree later. 

At Elliott’s, we recommend placing your Christmas orders by the early November to ensure that the products you choose are available and that you don’t end up with added stress later. 

Choose the right products for you 

For the perfect Christmas setting, you must begin by choosing a theme. Get in touch with our team and we will help you consider what options would best suit your venue and budget, to make Christmas a little more magical for your staff and customers. 

For example, would you like a traditional setting, with red and gold table pieces? Or a winter wonderland themed setting, with white and silver? Or how about something showstopping, such as purple and gold?  

We really have options for all markets, for whatever you are looking to spend, and however eye-catching you want your venue to be.  

After all, the devil’s in the detail as they say! 

Disposable Christmas tableware 

Our luxury Christmas tableware will have your dining table looking its very best for the holiday season. Take a look at our range of fantastic disposable products that we offer: 

  1. Crackers 

Christmas should be all about fun and of course Christmas crackers have been a huge tradition in the UK for many years. Perfect for the festive season right through until New Year, there’s a range to suit all place settings.  

Crackers come in all sorts of sizes and colours – you can use small saucer crackers, which include conversation starters, or go for the larger crackers with the usual suspects of a hat, a terrible joke and a gift. 

There are a variety of designs available in our Christmas Cracker range – from the traditional holly and berries option to a more contemporary ’Midnight’ design. For the eco-friendly option, there are Kraft designs to choose from, and none of the ranges contain any single-use plastics. 

The Red Berry Design Charity Kraft Cracker is one of our favourites, as it supports the Teenage Cancer Trust by contributing a percentage of the sale’s revenues to the wonderful cause. 

   2. Napkins 

From classic reds and greens to modern glitter black, our Christmas napkins are available in an array of thicknesses and sizes, as well as the high quality Dunisoft material, offering a more luxurious option for your lap-wear.

     3. Tablecloths and covers

Considered an essential part of the restaurant dining experience, disposable tablecloths and covers no longer have to be plain white paper. There are some stylish glitter options available, and the festive All Stars Red to choose from. 

  1. Slipcovers 

Protecting your table and providing a barrier between surface and tableware, festive slipcovers can add another touch of sophistication to place settings. Another added benefit to a slipcover is that it can make clean-up much more efficient, allowing your staff to get home to their own loved ones sooner. 

  1. Tete a tetes and table runners 

Create a centre-piece statement with our tete a tetes and table runners. With many colour palettes and themes to choose from, this extra touch can go a long way in terms of the aesthetic of your table setting. 

To find out more about our disposable tableware, or other services we offer, please get in touch with our experts via 01482 27580, or email 


Be sure to check out Part Two of this blog series, where we introduce you to our range of reusable Christmas tableware! 



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