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Our efforts to keep vital supplies moving throughout the pandemic have been featured in the Hull Daily Mail

Stephanie Jenkins from Elliott's team with an example of our COVID-secure signage

Since the rise of COVID-19 last March, we’ve pulled out all the stops to keep our customers supplied with everything from toilet roll to personal protective equipment (PPE).

When panic-buying stripped the usual supply chains, our longstanding arrangements with many suppliers ensured that we could keep those vital stocks moving to frontline services such as care homes and schools, as well as commercial customers in sectors like food manufacturing. 

It wasn’t always easy, and indeed we had to take radical steps, from time-to-time, to keep pace with the sheer scale of demand, but we did it, in one instance sourcing millions of extra items of PPE by the container load from overseas.

We do all this as part of our drive to offer our customers the highest-possible levels of service, and enable them to carry on meeting the needs of their customers too. However, we can’t deny it was nice to have our efforts recognised by the Hull Daily Mail’s HullLive site in recent days.

Their interest was sparked by our decision to incorporate a new vinyl sign on our fleet of vans as a bit of fun, which we explained hid a much more serious underlying message.

New loo roll warning decal featuring on our fleet of vans
Tongue-in-cheek new loo roll warning decal featuring on our fleet of vans

Our Finance Director, Janette Elliott, said: “Never have the kinds of goods we supply been more vital than they have during this pandemic – using appropriate PPE and chemicals to maintain good hygiene is important in the best of times, but amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, it is literally a matter of life and death.

“Early on in the crisis, not only were people struggling to get hold of the items they needed, but when they did manage to source things like PPE and hand sanitiser themselves, they were often over-priced or not fit for purpose, due to the rise of unscrupulous sellers looking to make an opportunist profit at the expense of critical services.

“However, I’m proud of the work we were able to do in ensuring our customers continued to receive the requisite quality items in a cost-effective way, and so support them in these highly challenging times. Meeting their needs is what drives us, of course, but it has been nice to receive a little external recognition for our efforts as well, via this article in the Hull Daily Mail. We hope it will help to make more organisations aware of the help we can offer, to help take the strain off them at an already difficult time.”

If you represent a business or other organisation, in any sector, and are struggling to source the hygiene chemicals and equipment you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, or by calling 01482 327580.




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