Hero product #4: Evans Protect

We love Evans Protect and find ourselves recommending it again and again – particularly in today’s world of heightened hygiene precautions – because it can be used to clean and disinfect in a multitude of different settings. It is one of our go-to chemicals for everywhere from schools to nursing homes, sports clubs and hospitality venues. It cleans and disinfects in one simple step, decreasing the risk of contamination and eradicating bacteria and viruses to help keep staff and customers alike, safe.  

It’s available as either a 5-litre container of concentrated chemical or as a case of six, ready-to-use 750-ml spray bottles, depending on your needs.  

Evans Protect kills bacteria in 30 seconds, and is effective against MRSA, Legionella, Shigella, passing EN 1276 and EN 16777. Not only this, but this unique formula has outstanding antiviral properties, passing EN 14476 standards and protecting against enveloped viruses, including the COVID-19 coronavirus, within just 60 seconds. 

Evans Protect concentrate is very cost-effective. Each 5-litre container produces 167 trigger spray bottles for bactericidal use (based on a 30ml dose) and 100 trigger bottles for virucidal use (based on a 50ml dose), so both options work out just pennies per 750ml trigger bottle. 

Alternatively, Evans Protect also comes in cases of six,  handy, ready-to-use disinfectant spray bottles,  of 750ml each (6 x 750ml), making it easier than ever to prevent infection and cross contamination where needed for immediate, convenient use.  

The multipurpose solution is suitable for use on all hard, washable surfaces and equipment, it has even been approved for use on a range of different types of flooring, too.   

Furthermore, Evans Protect also reassures by leaving a clean  and refreshing scent behind.  

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