Hero product #5- Vikan Easy Shine Kit

The Vikan Easyshine Kit with Flexible Mop Frame is a complete cleaning solution for windows, glass, perspex screens, mirrors, tiles, stainless steel, white boards, tabletops, and other high-gloss surfaces, including curved surfaces like revolving doors, bathtubs, jacuzzies, curved plastic seats, and vehicle windows. 

This versatile product can be used in a multitude of organisations, from schools and hospitals, to nursing homes and sports clubs, making it easier than ever to keep your area clean and streak-free.  

The unique microfibre design may be used with either cleaning chemicals or using only water. The telescopic handle stretches to 1.4 metres, making it easy to reach high-level or difficult-to-reach glass. It saves time and effort compared to typical glass washing technologies. 

We would still suggest placing a disinfectant on touch points like safety screens or glass doors to ensure the surface is hygienically clean. The pads may be laundered up to 90 degrees, making the device totally reusable with little recurring costs, such as water or chemical expenses. 

The kit includes 5 Window Mops, 5 Lustre Cloths, 1 Spray Bottle, 1 Ultra Flex Mop Frame and 1 Telescopic Handle. 

The mop head is made up of 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide (100% Microfibre), the tiny tear drop-shaped fibres are finer than a single human hair, making them able to penetrate small nooks and crannies in surfaces to remove dust and dirt. 

To get hold of your very own Vikan Easyshine Kit, or to find out more information, call 01482 27580 or  email us. 


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