Hero product #6- Edose Hygiene Plans

As the hospitality industry moves into post-pandemic recovery mode, you might have noticed that business is picking up, and people are going out.  

If you’re not careful, these extra demands can affect not just the smooth running of your venue’s operation, but the due diligence of keeping up the best possible standard of hygiene.  

We must remember of course that as business owners, it is our responsibility to keep all of our staff and customers safe from not just coronavirus, but all other illness that may be at large this coming Autumn.  

Here to help 

At Elliott’s we understand that this is not always an easy task while you’re rushed off your feet, that’s why we are on-hand to help our clients with top-quality guidance, specialising in hygiene strategies to aid your operation during this busy period.  

With this in mind, we would like to share with you a couple of our most popular products- the Edose Bar and Cellar Hygiene Plan, and the Edose Kitchen Hygiene Plan.

The first step to arranging a hygiene strategy is to meticulously review your cleaning requirements and processes to ensure you have the right products, equipment and routines in place to make sure it is carried out as effectively as possible. 

If you own a hospitability venue, the Edose Hygiene Plansare perfect for organising your operation; it provides essential visual training to new starters and continual reminders to existing staff without regular, often time consuming training sessions. 

Another benefit to these plans is that it can be visually displayed in staff areas without taking up precious surface space, which is ideal for an organisation during rushed periods. Alongside this, it also implements and secures your hygiene and colour coding strategies, while promoting them to effortlessly Environmental Health Officers (EHOs). 

If you would like a to get hold of any of the Edose Hygiene plans, or a more detailed and bespoke assessment, call 01482 327580 or  email us.  


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