Hero product #7: V11 Antiviral Quick Spray

We adore the V11 Antiviral Quick Spray and keep recommending it to our customers time and time again. This tried and tested product is perfect for day-to-day use, conveniently protecting staff and customers with ease.   


The newly developed Hycolin Professional Antiviral Cleaning range responds perfectly to today’s cleaning requirements, particularly in the world of heightened hygiene precautions.   


The V11 Hycolin Professional Antiviral Quick Spray can be used to clean and disinfect in  a variety of settings. It’s one of our go-to chemicals for a wide range of users, from schools and nursing homes to sports clubs and other hospitality businesses, with one simple spray, you simply can’t go wrong!  


It cleans and disinfects in one easy step, reducing the risk of contamination and eliminating bacteria and viruses to keep both staff and consumers safe.  


The unique formula has been rigorously tested by independent scientists to BS EN 1276 and also BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 indicating the product is effective against all enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses.  


The 300ml aerosol spray bottle also has the advantage of being simple to use in a busy workplace and is ideal for most hard and soft surfaces.  


Furthermore, it leaves areas sanitised and fresh, without the use of any fragrances or colours.   


Take a look at some of our other recommended ‘hygiene heroes’ in our  brochure.     


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