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Marking the first milestone in the ‘roadmap’ to business recovery

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Marking the first milestone in the ‘roadmap’ to business recovery

We might not have had much snow, but for many businesses in England it has felt like a very long, cold winter as the latest COVID-19 lockdown has bitten hard.

Remaining optimistic has been a challenge to say the least, but we are now seeing a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel as the UK Government’s route to economic recovery took its first tentative step on April 12, when coronavirus restrictions were eased in England and thousands of organisations including pubs, shops, gyms and hair salons, were granted permission to get back to business.

This really is a critical moment for the progress of the Government’s ‘roadmap’, and you can find out more about what it entails exactly here.

A helping hand

Of course, ‘getting back to business’ is different now to what it was pre-COVID, and there are numerous regulations and expectations placed on business owners about how to operate in a ‘COVID-secure’ way, to prioritise the safety both of your customers and staff.

Perhaps you’ve been able to operate a limited service through lockdown and now you’re going to ramp it up, or maybe you’ve had a complete shutdown and are now opening up for the first time in months. Either way, we understand how overwhelming it can feel to navigate your way through the COVID-secure maze and maximise your margins in a safe and compliant way.

The good news is our experts here at Elliott Hygiene are on-hand to help you, with our top-quality guidance on hygiene strategies and day-to-day management, as well as being able to supply the best products for you to use for keeping germs at bay and the most reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep your staff safe. We can even supply you with bespoke signage to remind customers about social distancing requirements and handwashing techniques, and advise you on takeaway packaging options if you’re dealing with a food-to-go service.

Our Co-director, Janette Elliott, said: “This is a crucial time for many organisations that’ve just had the green light to get back up and running, albeit in a COVID-secure way. There are a lot of things to consider and that’s where we can offer a helping hand.

“We’ve built up a lot of experience and knowledge over the past year, of how businesses across a whole range of different sectors can operate in a COVID-secure way, from care homes to councils, pubs and restaurants, and manufacturers.

“What I would say to any business owner or manager who wants some guidance, or maybe a second opinion on their set-up, is that our friendly team would be more than happy to have a no-obligation chat with you so please do give us a call.”

Your guide to reopening

We’ve pulled together a few helpful tips and links to government information to get you on your way this April:

Your COVID-19 risk assessment

If you have more than five employees, you’ll need to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment if you haven’t already done so since the first lockdown in March 2020.

As part of this, you’ll need to consider:

  • The government’s risk assessment guidelines
  • How you can ensure you’re providing adequate sanitisation and handwashing facilities
  • Supporting social distancing by displaying markers and signage
  • Checking for any health and safety hazards.

Guidance for gyms

In England, outdoor fitness classes, indoor gyms and swimming pools can now reopen – it’s worth checking the government guidance and, of course, we’d be more than happy to help you. This includes indoor gyms, fitness studios and multi-sport facilities.

Guidance for shops

Non-essential shops have received a massive lifeline in England as they can now reopen. The government guidance explains how you can do this safely, and again, our experts can easily offer you bespoke advice.

Guidance for pubs and restaurants

In England, hospitality venues can now serve food and drink outdoors (they’re set to be able to serve customers indoors from May 17). The Food Standards Agency has provided some useful information on reopening your food business, including a checklist for reopening and tips on how to adapt your business.

Guidance for hair and beauty salons

Businesses such as barbers, massage therapists and hairdressers are now out of lockdown but of course need to ensure they are following the correct procedures. Be sure to read the government guidance for close contact services, to safeguard your staff and customers, and call us if you would like some advice tailored to your specific situation.

Any business owner who would like some tailored help and advice with getting ‘COVID-secure’ can contact Elliott’s via 01482 327580 or



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