Saving the school budget

With a limited school budget, it’s important to make sure the sums add up!

It is often the case that schools, like many public organisations, find themselves locked in existing buying groups. However, with school budgets being stretched, and costs rising, it’s now more important than ever for schools to ensure they are getting the most for their money. 

Instead of viewing hygiene as an unavoidable expense, we want to show you how smarter hygiene choices may result in significant cost savings for your school.   

Even better, saving money on hygiene can help free up funds for other duties and services. In fact, we’re certain that if more organisations realised how much money they might possibly save, they’d be just as enthusiastic about hygiene as we are!  

At Elliott’s we use our years of experience and expertise to help all manner of organisations, including schools, to see how they are managing their hygiene and what it’s costing them.

Chris Elliott, our Sales and Marketing Executive, has identified a few simple changes that your educational institution can make to save cash without sacrificing great hygiene:  

  1.   Are you getting value for money? 

“Many businesses don’t even realise how much they could save on their cleaning supplies, it’s often the case that they get locked into buying groups since it’s what they’ve always done.   

“Call in an expert firm like Elliott’s which is committed to client value to see if we can recommend changes that can save you money. We pride ourselves on always looking after our loyal customers, and putting our best prices forward.”  

Why not give us a ring? We take pride in offering the best prices we can, so to find out how we compare to your current suppliers call 01482 327580 or email  

  1.           Choose the right equipment

Invest in the right equipment and products to enable your cleaning team to work more effectively and faster. As with anything, you’d be amazed what a difference having the right tools for the job can make!  

 For example, instead of buying a pre-mixed ready-to-use product at an average price of £1.86, why not switch to a dosed-in-house concentrate system that would only cost an average of £0.10 per bottle? This simple switch could save you roughly £10.56 per box of six!

  1.     Ensure the right type of dispensers are used for your establishment

 “This typically reduces usage significantly. For example, have you considered switching your hand towel system? This saved one school £435 per year, along with switching their toilet roll, which saved them £1,281. That’s a total of £1,716 saved from just two product switches!” Chris explained.

  1.   Invest in the best, industrial grade cleaning chemicals

While the headline price may appear to be more than that of store-bought things, they are stronger and require less each usage, lowering your ‘costs in use.’

“Replace pre-mixed sprays and floor cleaners with concentrated ones you mix yourself, and instruct your cleaning staff to use the correct proportions. ‘Self-service’ cleaners are often significantly more cost-effective than ready-made cleaners, while also benefiting the environment by utilising less packaging.”

To find out more about any of the products mentioned, you can view our washroom hygiene brochure (

Alternatively, check out our hygiene items specifically for schools (  

  1.     Call in the experts

We hope this list has provided you with a good starting point, but there is no substitute for experience. We promise that a hygiene audit will enable us to show you how savings of up to on average 40% are possible and how to achieve them. And getting us in for some preliminary advice is free. We’ve been working in the hygiene industry for several decades and have seen just about everything in a range of industries, so we’ll be able to tailor our experience to make things work for you.  

Chris concluded: “We can advise you proactively on risks and opportunities you need to respond to, and take care of your ordering schedules, provide a seamless, behind the scenes supply support, letting you get on with the important job of running your school.” 


If any of the above has made you stop and think, why not get in touch and arrange a no-obligation initial chat about the money you could save by reviewing some of your business hygiene practices? Contact us now via 01482 327580 or  email us.  


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