Keeping you COVID-secure: product hero #1

The final stages of the lockdown lift have yet to be fully confirmed, but it’s looking highly likely that from July 19, the HORECA industry in England is all set to return to a truly ‘normal’ service. This means people will no longer be required to wear face masks or socially distance; there’ll be no restrictions on numbers at tables in or outdoors; table service will no longer be mandatory; and business owners won’t be expected to ask customers to scan QR codes or provide their contact details. 

With this in mind, we are all set to ramp up the supply of our most popular hygiene products – and remind our clients of some of the best, most effective and value-for-money products they can use to ensure that they still stay COVID-secure.

Our first spotlight falls on our amazing range of antiviral and bactericidal multi-surface chemicals – these really are a must-have for any catering venue. We’ve broadened our range of such chemicals to help our clients maintain COVID-security, and we can quickly and easily advise you on which ones best suit your needs.

One of our favourites is the Evans Safe Zone Plus virucidal disinfectant, which boasts a broad spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria and yeast. It passes EN 1276 and EN 14476 standards, it kills murine norovirus, influenza and MRSA. Chemicals carrying the EN 14476 certification have been tested against vaccinia virus and other ‘enveloped’ viruses and are considered effective against COVID-19 too. 

Take a look at some of our other recommended hygiene ‘heroes’ in our brochure


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