Why we’re different

Elliott Hygiene is a family-owned and operated business situated in the heart of  Hull. We’ve been in business for almost 35 years and are now one of Yorkshire and Humber’s top hygiene, packaging, and catering providers. This expansion is a result of our unwavering dedication to our profession, as we believe that excellent housekeeping is a critical component of modern organisations, vital for reducing risk and employee absenteeism, as well as controlling your environmental footprint and cost base. 

We take a holistic approach to all elements of your hygiene, packaging, and catering equipment requirements, and take pride in marrying great service with innovation. Not only that, but we can also advise you proactively on risks and opportunities, as well as handle your ordering schedules and provide smooth, behind-the-scenes supply support, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

While the experience of this pandemic has brought out the best in many individuals, it has also led to certain unethical practices, such as firms selling hand sanitiser and protective equipment that isn’t of a high enough standard, and at an exorbitant price. Some are proposing to conduct risk assessments for organisations at high costs, which they will pay since they are afraid of breaking regulations. 

We collaborate with a variety of organisations, including care homes, educational establishments, hotels, bars, and restaurants. 

Beginning with a free, no-obligation hygiene audit, we assess everything from your kitchen design to your cleaning rotas, ensuring that they are as time effective as possible while still keeping you compliant with ever-increasingly stringent standards and regulations. We develop a strategy that ticks all of your boxes, and our ordering system is both convenient and cost effective, guaranteeing access to the products you require, when you require them, and at the best possible price. 

We can source the right products, cost-effectively and quickly, because we are members of the Socius supplier network. We’re also members of the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers’ Association (CHSA) and the Food Packaging Association (FPA), so we’re always up to date on industry standards, regulations, and procedures. As a result, you can trust our recommendations on anything from ISO standards to corporate social responsibility. 

If you would like a detailed and bespoke assessment looking at what will work best for your organisation, potentially saving you money too, why not take advantage of our free initial consultation? To book, call 01482 327580 or  email us. 



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